About us

Striking landscapes, rich history and excellent quality of life make East Devon one the UK’s most attractive places to live and work. But there’s much more to Exeter and its environs than a fine county town, a renowned seat of learning and local food and drink producers that are among the best in the UK.

This area is also at the centre of one of the country’s most inspiring high-tech success stories, with 82 new start-ups, digital economy jobs increasing by 18% in the last year, and a contribution of £150m to the UK’s thriving digital economy. The arrival of the Met Office’s new £97million supercomputer in Exeter was a landmark event for the city, while the University, Science Park and a host of digital enterprises are establishing East Devon as a leading regional tech hub.

With a client portfolio spanning high-tech and traditional industries ranging from major power companies to sustainable smallholders, Charlie set up East Devon Commercial Photography to showcase the burgeoning economy of the place he calls home.

Fuelled by a powerful mix of local pride, international experience and a thirst for new ideas, our mission is to celebrate the best of East Devon’s traditional and emerging industries, portraying people who are proud of their skills and heritage, and looking to the future with enthusiasm.

If you are part of East Devon’s exciting enterprise culture and you’re looking for photography that will show your business in the best light, we look forward to hearing from you.


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